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I grew up mostly in Adams, Massachusetts (where I may or may not have attended Ilvermorny). Before moving to Los Angeles, I lived in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Austin, Portland (Oregon), and San Francisco, and spent two years in an art colony in Oakland.

In 2001 I came to Los Angeles on a lark, imagining I would settle back east when the novelty wore off, but it never did. L.A. is everyplace at once.

The film industry reeled me in and I've been working in the art department for over 15 years. But because I’m a nomad and my heart is in eighty places, I've also done a little story development, costuming, casting, and zombie makeup. I pogoed in a punk club on That '80s Show and grew fangs on True Blood (Don't blink at :54). Here I am in a Chinese lion costume in a Princess Pangolin video.




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